Calgary Expo 2017: FAQ

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Calgary Expo 2017: FAQ

Postby BloodyIron » Tue Mar 28, 2017 10:45 am

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions for what LANified! will be running at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2017:

Q: Why are you using these formats? Other formats are more commonly used.
When LANified! designs tournaments and events, we take many elements into consideration and revisit our methods each time, tailoring them for that specific event. We are using these formats because we believe they will provide the best experience to participants and spectators alike at the Calgary Expo 2017. Furthermore we have seen great positive response with these methods at past Calgary Expo events.

Q: Are computers being provided for the tournaments?
Yes. It is recommended that you review the rules for each tournament regarding peripherals.

Q: Do the LANified! tournaments at the Calgary Expo 2017 cost anything to enter?
Entry into the King of the Hill tournaments is included with your Calgary Expo ticket for that day. Entry into the Professional Gaming Tournaments does have an entry fee. To register and find pricing for the Professional Gaming Tournaments, head to the Calgary Expo's Video Gaming section of their website :

Q: Can I spectate the gaming action?
But of course you can! You can come on down to our area in the Agrium building to spectate in-person, there will be plenty of seating. Also if you want to watch the Professional Gaming Tournament broadcasts, just head to or click on the "NETworks" tab on our main site,

Q: Is there any way to just enter the tournaments, without buying Calgary Expo 2017 admission?
No. These tournaments are only open to those who have valid entry to the Calgary Expo 2017.

Q: Do I need to form a team before hand?
-> For the King of the Hill tournaments, you may bring a team, form one at the expo, or we can help you form one on-site too! There are usually other individuals trying to form a team too, so we can help you connect with them. Either way, please check in with the King of the Hill Registration on-site in the Agrium building and we will get you sorted out.

-> For the Professional Gaming Tournaments, registration will be done in-advance of the Calgary Expo 2017, as there is limited space. As such, get your team figured out, then head to the Video Gaming section of Calgary Expo's website to find the registration link :

Q: Will there be a way I can communicate with my team via voice while participating in a tournament?
Yes! LANified! will be operating an on-site Mumble voice server which will serve all the tournaments. The provided equipment will also include a headset for each station (including microphone).

Q: What do I need to bring? What will be provided?
If you plan to enter the Rocket League tournament, plan to bring a wired gamepad of your choice. Otherwise, the following will be provided:
  • Computer
  • Professional Gaming Keyboard
  • Professional Gaming Mouse
  • Professional Mousepad
  • Professional Gaming Headphones
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