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LANified! 33: Tournament Rules & Formats

PostPosted: Sun Oct 06, 2019 10:36 am
by BloodyIron

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive specific rules:
  • Gameplay Mode - Demolition
  • Round time limit - 1:30
  • Freeze time limit - 0:06
  • Bomb timer - 0:40
  • Match length - 20 rounds, teams swap sides after 10 rounds
  • Score limit - 11 team points wins the game (unless overtime occurs)
  • Third-party software relevant to the game is not allowed, this includes utility software
  • In the event of a disconnect a pause may occur while the disconnected player reconnects to the game

Weapon order:
  1. M4A4
  2. P90
  3. Nova
  4. Five-seveN
  5. PP-Bizon
  6. P2000
  7. MP9
  8. SSG 08
  9. AUG
  10. CZ75-Auto
  1. AK-47
  2. P90
  3. Nova
  4. Tec-9
  5. PP-Bizon
  6. Glock-18
  7. MAC-10
  8. SSG 08
  9. SG 553
  10. CZ75-Auto

  • Bank
  • Lake
  • ShortTrain
  • St.Marc

Map & Side selection:
  • Starting side for each match will be determined by a knife-only round. The team that wins the knife round will pick which side they start the game on.
  • A draw/tie for the knife round will result in starting sides to be randomly assigned by LANified! Tournament Administration.
  • The team that loses the knife round picks the (first) map.

  • Overtime will be first to 3 Overtime round points wins
  • Overtime will be played out until a winner is conclusively declared, even if this means multiple Overtime sets

General rules
  • All matches will be 3v3
  • Teams consist of 3 players, no ringers, no bots, no coaches, no roster changes, no exceptions
  • All teams must declare only one Captain, who will represent and co-ordinate the team
  • All matches will only be played on LANified! assigned servers
  • Third-party textures/models/sounds are not allowed
  • Peripherals (Keyboard/Mouse/Headset) will be provided at each station. You will not be allowed to plug in any other device to any of the tournament stations. Please charge your phones BEFORE you arrive.
  • Teams considered to be a poor sport, at the discretion of LANified! Tournament Administration, will be warned once. If they continue to be poor sports, their entire team will be disqualified from the tournament, and not be allowed to re-enter that tournament.
  • Cheating in a tournament will result in immediate expulsion of the entire team from the tournament. DO NOT CHEAT, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • If a game server experiences catastrophic failure, the match may be restarted at the discretion of LANified! Tournament Administration


Re: LANified! 33: Tournament Rules & Formats

PostPosted: Sun Oct 06, 2019 10:36 am
by BloodyIron

If 2 Teams Participate:
  • bo7 (Best-Of-7) Games per Match
  • First map picked by loser of knife round
  • Map pick then alternates between teams for each Game in the Match
  • Team that does not pick Map for a Game gets side pick

If 3-5 Teams Participate:
  • Round Robin
  • bo1 (Best-Of-1) Games per Match

If 6-8 Teams Participate:
  • Double Elimination
  • bo1 (Best-Of-1) Games per Match

If 9-16 (max 16) Teams Participate:
  • Single Elimination
  • bo1 (Best-Of-1) Games per Match