LANified! 14: One month away omg!

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LANified! 14: One month away omg!

Postby BloodyIron » Wed May 01, 2013 10:22 pm

Some games are just too addictive. After some of our staff finally pried themselves from Game Dev Tycoon's deathly grasp we realized: holy crap we have another event in a month!

So what does that mean? Well, for those who attended our previous event ( viewtopic.php?f=20&t=84123 ) it will be just as awesome as that, but this time with some great Minecraft stuff! For those who haven't attended one of our events just yet, maybe you should check out that link I just posted (it's people giving us feedback about the last event).

So yeah, our event is coming up, there's lots going on, and you should check it out!

For full details, to sign-up and prepay head to:

If you want to check out sweet shots from our last event head to: ... 861&type=3

So what are you waiting for? There's so much gaming to do!
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