Current Openings - Broadcast and Tournament Administration

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Current Openings - Broadcast and Tournament Administration

Postby BloodyIron » Wed Sep 25, 2019 9:43 am

We are seeking keen gamers to join our team, and here's some info about those roles.

New Openings:
  • Broadcasting, Personality - 1x Openings
  • Tournament Administrator - 1x Openings

Brief descriptions:
Broadcasting, Personality
We seek personalities that are comfortable on camera, willing to have a fun, relaxed time, and learn current/new games. We want to foster creativity in this role, as well as cover many different games. What's more to say that you don't already know? If you have prior work, or some sort of demo you can put together, send it our way in your application! To apply, follow the application info below.

Tournament Administrator
Our Tournaments turn like clockwork. Gamers have come to expect that from us, and you can be a part of ensuring everything turns as it should. If there's a dispute between participants over the rules, that's where you step in. You make the call, you judge, and execute. Gamers expect fair competition from us, and that includes fair judgement. There will be times you need to git'r done, but you won't be alone. We work hard to ensure that our Tournament Administrators have what they need to get the job done right. Rigorous development of Tournament Rules, Formats, Server Infrastructure, and so much more. This is the Core. To apply, follow the application info below.

Applying for an opening
We seek new team mates that are dedicated to our gaming events, willing to do the job right, and interested in the adventure that is putting on the best gaming events and services around. If you want to apply, but you're not sure if you have enough experience, just apply. If you're prepared to do what it takes, we want to hear from you. In your application we want to hear why you want to join us, what role you're applying for, what makes you a good fit for that role, what your favourite cheese is, and any other info you think is worth gaming. If you have any competitive gaming experience (whatever the game is, even if it's Scrabble), then tell us all about it.


Send your application to bloodyiron _at) lanified .DOT) com
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