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Armagetron http://www.armagetronad.net/
Armagetron is the modern conception of an evolving series of games originally stemming from the 1982 movie "Tron". The basics of the game revolve around the players controlling a vehicle which forms a constant wall behind you, and you can only turn at 90 degree angles (left or right). The objective of the game is not to win, but simply not to lose. A player wins when everyone else has lost. A player loses when they either run into a player made wall or the boundaries of the arena.

The challenge of survival becomes apparent as the walls start to tighten in around you, limiting where you can and cannot go. As more players enter an arena more walls are made and in turn becomes more challenging. One of the more important challenges is simply not trapping yourself with your own walls.

Armagetron takes the basic elements of this gameplay and expands upon them. The available options to change the behavior of the game are expanded upon, as well as adding new elements. One of the more notable new elements is "Grinding" where you can accelerate beyond your default velocity, the limit increases the closer you get to an opponent's wall. The combination of the new and improved elements results in a game which offers a fair bit of variety and certainly increasing challenge between good players.
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