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Battlefield Bad Company 2, Starcraft II Beta and Posters

Okay, so it's not exactly NEWS but it's pretty fortunate that the next Battlefield, Bad Company 2, is being released shortly before the LAN. It's release date is March 2nd 2010.

I myself have already prepaid, and can't wait to get fraggin all you baddies. For those who have missed it, there are tonnes of videos out there illustrating how the game plays. As with the first Bad Company, they have a proper single player experience, as well as what seems to be a properly developed multiplayer too. For those who may be concerned on the PC quality based on the COD: MW2 results, fret not. The developers have said they have two teams, one for Console development and one for PC development.

The beta for PC (at least on STEAM) starts January 28th 2010 (tomorrow). Prepaid players for the game gain entrance to the beta. I suspect working Friday is going to be a big pain.

Here are some videos showcasing the game:

Next, it looks like Blizzard is getting serious. As sourced by Tom's Hardware and a few other sites, Blizzard has opened the support page for Starcraft II. It is publicly available, and the listing of Starcraft II on the battle.net page is no longer greyed out. Furthermore various fan sites have been contacted requesting 5 users' information be provided, suggesting the distribution of keys soon following. For further details, check the source.

Source: http://www.tomshardware.com/news/blizza ... ,9515.html

As for the third part of the news, we have posters designed for the March event. Check them out:

http://www.lanified.com/posters/LANified6_Web.jpg (the smaller web coloured version)

http://www.lanified.com/posters/LANified6_Print.tif (the lossless printer coloured version)




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