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LOLs and LANs

So I was munching on my breakfast sandwich while watching CnetTV and during the buzz report Molly was talking about how Apple is suing HTC for patent apps, and I happened to get this screen cap:


I thought this was absolutely hilarious, and I'm quite surprised ABC (the parent company) let this slip through. Boy am I glad there is still adult humor in the world.

Onto other news, our LAN is almost here. We're aiming to get setup late tonight to make sure when the doors open tomorrow (10am) that everything is already running properly. As such, we want to remind you to DOUBLE CHECK that you bring everything you need. It's always a pain to forget just one thing that would really help to have (such as a mouse pad). If you are not sure what to bring, take a look at the list we have in the event details. And please make sure that anyone coming both attending or spectating brings PHOTO ID including birth date. This is very important as we are allowing alcohol on-site as well as minors to be on-site. We want to allow adult enjoyment while not excluding minors (with the exception of consuming alcohol), so please be conscious of this.

If you have any questions feel free to post on our Forums.

Hope to see you there!




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