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LANified! returns to Calgary Expo 2017!

For the last handful of months we have been quietly working on bringing you great things, today we can talk about one of them. LANified! is proud to announce that we will be returning to the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2017!

Last year we saw an incredible level of interest, we had so many people participating, it was awesome! This year we will be taking a lot of great stuff from last year, and also bringing you some super special new stuff too.

Did you participate last year? If so, we would love to hear your thoughts! Just drop us a line on twitter (@LANified) : https://twitter.com/lanified

We will be running tournaments Friday, Saturday and Sunday. More details will be coming soon. In the mean time we recommend that you reach out to your friends and assemble your teams, we have a sneaking feeling that you may need to figure out your roster this year in advance ;^)




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