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LANified! is one week from now

Just a brief reminder that today is the last day to prepay for our event one week from now, LANified! 11: Double Helix.

To prepay, login on our site, sign up for the event (if you haven't), then click the same button which now says prepay.

Linky: http://www.lanified.com/events/go/8/3

We will be finalizing the Starcraft 2 map list soon, and the Team Fortress 2 banned weapons list soon too.

Hope to see you there! :)

LANified! 11: It's coming

Time is fleeting.

We at LANified! would like to remind you about our coming event, LANified! 11: Double Helix.

As of today it is now less than two weeks away, and in turn we will be closing prepay for our event this Friday at midnight.

If you are planning to come, please sign up. And if you know you are coming for sure, please show us your support and prepay. It's more affordable than at the door, shows others that you are for sure coming, helps us, and guarantees your seat.

We are working really hard to bring you a high quality, properly run event, with great tournaments and plenty of casual gaming and challenges. Such as our Portal 2 map making contest.

We love running these events, and we do it for you.

To sign up, log into your account, and click the orange button" "sign up" on the event page: http://www.lanified.com/events/go/8/2

To prepay, go back to the same page once you have signed up, and click prepay.

If you have any questions, please ask them.

MineA launches today, come join us!

Recently LANified! migrated it's legacy minecraft server to a more appropriate implementation, with a white list. Today, we again bring you something new in the minecraft world.

Today LANified! is proud to launch it's new server, minea at 2pm MST. To join us just connect to minea.lanified.com at 2pm

What's different about this server?

  • pvp is on
  • new world (we may wipe every month or 2 months)
  • additional features
  • it's new!

We have added the following features:

A faction system

The faction system enables groups of players to lay claim to territory, form alliances, wage wars, and generally protect and defend their own interests. Defenders have the advantage, as they take less damage in their territory. Take note that you can't simply just land-grab all the things. As members join a faction, the max "power" it has increases. A faction spends power to claim territory or perform other faction related functions. A player gains a small ammount of power every minute they are on the server, and that contributes to your faction. There are many more elements to the faction system, but these are the basics.

An economic system

The economic system we have implemented allows players to setup spaces which automate the exchange of goods for a dollar currency. Additionally the price of goods can fluctuate depending on supply and demand. You can buy and sell anything in the game, including enchants.

This server will remain public, and no white list will be implemented. LANified! will play a passive role, and we expect most differences to be resolved between the players. However, we are still here to help you. If you feel that you need our help, be it due to aggressively problematic players, or through server bugs causing problems, we will hear you out but that is no guarantee you will receive what you ask for. We will be closely monitoring the development of this server and adjusting things as we see fit.

So come join us, starting today at 2pm MST at minea.lanified.com

Also, many of us will be on mumble, so feel free to join us there too at voice.lanified.com (default port)

A new world lays ahead of us, and even we don't know what it looks like. Come influence that world, and make it your own, or come and wage war, it's up to you.

Minecraft, our legacy

Fellow gamers, lend me your ears!

Today we bring you further improvements to our legacy Minecraft server. We also are bringing you some delicious new offerings too!

In regards to our legacy server, we bring you the following:

1) We have migrated the legacy server to mineb.lanified.com (live right now!).

2) Our legacy server (mineb) now utilizes a whitelist. We've naturally already added our trusted members to this list, however if you are not on this list please let us know right away. We are utilizing a whitelist to ensure that those who play on our legacy server are not out to cause problems for others. If you want to apply for the whitelist post in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=5476

3) We have adjusted our backup schema to be more in-line with the needs of the server (for mineb). We now perform the following backups:

  • Once a week (4 times a month)
  • Every day of the week
  • Every 6 hours
Each of these backups are separete from each other, and we have done away with the monthly backups.

4) Our map has to regenerate (http://map.lanified.com) and this may take a day or two. Check back soon!

But wait, there's more! We're bringing you a NEW Minecraft server! So what does this mean?

1) A completely fresh world for everyone to explore, enjoy, and get dirty in.

2) New features to the server that we will announce later.

3) Did I mention a new world?

This new server will be at minea.lanified.com and to celebrate it's launch we're doing something really great! We're going to create the world and launch it to the public this Saturday June 2nd 2012 at 2pm MST (GMT-7)! This way we can all jump on the server together and get really dirty all at once. Between now and then we will be announcing the features this new server will offer, so check back between now and then, but make sure to join us at launch!

  • minea.lanified.com
  • 2pm MST Saturday
  • Bring snacks and drinks for the admins (or yourself, whatever)


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