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No rest for the wicked.

Holy crap, so much is going on!

First, we have now exceeded our record of 18 prepays. As of this posting we have 21 prepays! In response we have adjusted how the prepays and attendance info is shown a bit.

As an additional reminder, prepay closes today (Friday the 10th) at midnight. Keep in mind that we guarantee seats for those who prepay, but those who sign up are at risk of not having a seat if we hit capacity at the time of the event. If you want to secure your seat then prepay today! Once you have prepaid, make sure to pledge for the tournaments you want to enter.

Second, I pulled all my hairs out and finally coughed up the tournament schedule, it is as follows:

Starcraft 2:

2pm (1400hrs) Day1, Saturday September 18th 2010

Heroes of Newerth:

If 6 or less teams are signed up:
9pm (2100hrs) Day1, Saturday September 18th 2010 - Whenever it finishes

If 7 or more teams are signed up:
Stage1: 9pm (2100hrs) Day1, Saturday September 18th 2010 - 2am (0200hrs) Day2, Sunday September 19th 2010
Stage2: 10am (1000hrs) Day2, Sunday September 19th 2010 - Whenever it finishes (remaining matches/finals)

Team Fortress 2:

12pm noon (1200hrs) Day2, Sunday September 19th 2010

PLEASE NOTE: Registration for each tournament will occur AT the event. We will be calling for registration leading up to the tournament, so make sure you are present in advance of any tournament you want to enter to ensure you get registered! You must also be present for each and every match otherwise your team risks forfeiting the match (but not the tournament).

Third, we properly updated the Team Fortress 2 rules to reflect the actual way it will play. Somehow this was missed before.

If you want to read the full details go to the tournament details for TF2 in the event details, but to summarize the new old info:

Arena rules:
One match will consist of two halves. Teams will switch sides from first half to second half. A half completes after 15 minutes, or if a team reaches 4 points. If at any point a team acrues 5 points they win the match, reporting the combined scores of both halves.

KotH rules:
One match will consist of two halves. Teams will switch sides from first half to second half. A half completes after 15 minutes, or if a team reaches 2 points. If at any point a team acrues 3 points they win the match, reporting the combined scores of both halves.

Tie breakers of both modes will be single 15 minute rounds, first team to acrue a point wins the match, reporting the combined scores.

Banned Unlocks: The Sandman, Wrangler, Natasha. Any unlocks past the Engineer update will be banned also.

Boy are we excited to get this event under way! Hope to see you there!


So we have taken the rules under the microscope again in order to finalize them. There is ony really one change for HoN, and we are announcing the rules for Starcraft 2. Team Fortress 2 remains unchanged.

Heroes of Newerth:

-Changed gameplay mode from Banning Draft to Banning Pick
-Stock UI is required (no mods, period)

Starcraft 2:

-Map selection is determined by the two players, both must agree upon a map from the list
-If a player disconnects within the first 2 minutes of a match, that match will be restarted on a different map, both players must agree to the new map
-If a player disconnects a second time during a match within the first 2 minutes of any additional attempts, he will forfeit the match (but not the tournament, as it is Double Elimination)
-If a player disconnects 2 minutes or later into the match they will receive a loss. The exception to this is if they have significant advantage, at which point an admin makes a judgement call, potentially resulting in a rematch on a different map
-All matches will be performed through Blizzard's Battle.net service

It's almost here!

Our seventh event, Down Right Fierce, is only 15 days away!

As such we want to notify everyone that prepayment will CLOSE one week from now. Specifically, we will close prepayment around about Midnight Friday the 10th of September 2010. Signups will still work past this, but you will be unable to prepay beyond this time.

If you are having technical difficulties we can work with you to help your situation. As such please contact us if you are having difficulties with our site, paypal or any step of the prepayment process and we will gladly help you out.

If you are planning on coming we ask that you prepay. It offers you plenty of things such as a guaranteed seat, and the ability to influence prizing for tournaments, as well as other things. It also offers us and our sponsors things such as knowing how many are coming, and how many want to enter each tournament. Furthermore it actually enables us to hold the event. As such we really appreciate those who prepay and would like to mention that every single person who prepaid at our last event, showed up!

Additionally, we now have a poster for the event! We have put up a lot at MRU and UofC, but if you want to check it out and pass it along you can access it at:

http://www.lanified.com/downloads/LANif ... 9_2010.pdf

Also, for those who made it to our last event, we will be having the concession stand again! Once again hot fresh food will be served at our event.

If you have any questions or comments please head over to our forums and let us know what you think.


Hope to see you there!

Ow my hand.

92 posters at MRU
150 posters at UofC
and about 12 reloads of my staple gun later...

Pretty sure we're half way through all of our posters...

One month away, and boy is there a lot going on!

So our next event is only one month away! We're continuing our work to bring you the best damn LAN party around. As such we have some things to announce and post about.

First, let's recap on our last event.

Our last event was a great success. We had 23 people show up; and while we had a few hiccups (the TF2 tournament was 1hr late) all things went really well otherwise. Our concession was very well received and we plan on bringing that back to our coming event. The network and power was fantastic. Furthermore we had some pretty fun tournaments. As such, we have the brackets for each tournament and the rosters for each team.

TF2 3v3 Arena/KOTH Tournament Results (Click here for brackets)

1st: Team3
Captain: BloodyIron (ineligible for prizes)
Member: BadTonic
Member: Phr000000000t

2nd: Graphy Ass
Captain: Graffias
Member: Thumper
Member: Wombat (ineligible for prizes)

3rd: Insomnium Ingressus
Captain: Sn0_Man
Member: StockiestPillow
Member: tuvok302

Runner Up: Derp
Captain: Kyrin (ineligible for prizes)
Member: Takkyu
Member: Dean

Runner Up: I Got Nothing
Captain: Pyr0
Member: Ruffus
Member: Bizzybonez

HoN 3v3 Tournament Results (Click here for brackets)

1st: We don't need a team name
Captain: Sn0_Man
Member: Wombat (ineligible for prizes)
Member: Stockiest Pillow

2nd: Gettin Bizzy
Captain: Bizzybonez
Member: ReAn (ineligible for prizes)
Member: tuvok302

3rd: Team Pro
Captain: Tingles (ineligible for prizes)
Member: Thanatos
Member: BloodyIron (ineligible for prizes)

Runner Up: Jungle Fever
Captain: Wammosik
Member: Egon
Member: Tieranus

Second, we want to welcome S2 Games back to our coming event!

S2 Games will be sponsoring the Heroes of Newerth tournament once again, and as such we have a much larger prize pot once again. Thanks for helping us out again S2!


Third, we want to update you on the maps that will be used in the 1v1 Starcraft 2 tournament.

The maps that will be allowed are as follows:

  • Blistering Sands
  • Desert Oasis
  • Scrap Station
  • Steppes of War
  • Xel'Naga Caverns
  • Kulas Ravine
  • Lost Temple
  • Metalopolis
  • Delta Quadrant

As you might be able to tell, these are the same maps as the 1v1 ladder on Battle.net. We will be adjusting the list to match the ones used on Battle.net.

Fourth, we want to update you on the new prizing for the tournaments.

Team Fortress 2:
15 Pledges - $120 for 1st place
30 Pledges - $300 for 1st place

Heroes of Newerth:
$300 for 1st place. This prize pot does not stagger this event.

Starcraft 2:
15 Pledges - $80 for 1st place
30 Pledges - $170 for 1st place

We want to remind our attendees of a few things. First is that if the pledge threshold for a tournament is not met then the tournament will be held as a "for fun" tournament, in that there will be no prizing. Second is that ONLY prepaid status attendees can pledge for a tournament. Third is that pledging does not cost anything beyond being prepaid. Fourth is that prepaying guarantees you a seat unless we have reached capacity before you prepay. Fifth is that prepayment is still cheaper than paying at the door.

We really appreciate those who attend, and hope to see you there at our coming event! If you have any questions, concerns or whatever, please post on our forums.

For those who want to you can also follow us on facebook.lanified.com.


Uh oh, there's nothing here.

Nobody is currently sponsoring LANified! If you'd like to talk to us about sponsorship oppurtunities, please contact us!