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New Posters yay!

Check it out gamers, we got our sweet new poster designs ready for you!

The poster design is intended for 11"x17" landscape, but prints quite well on 8.5"x11" (letter, landscape) too!

What can one do with this fabulous poster?

  • Attach to your wall!
  • Attach to your cat!
  • Attach to your friends!
  • Attach to a bus!
  • Attach to your rear wind-shield!
  • Attach to your computer case!

So what are you waiting for? Fire up your printer, and pump one of these sweet babies out!

Oh, and if you wanted to tell others about the coming events, this poster is pretty good for that too ;P

CS:GO Team Building MEGA THREADs! Two LANs coming up!

Hey Everyone!

With our next LAN party just one month away (and one in September), we've put together some more Team Building MEGA THREADs!

Check it out, if you want to find/form a team, these threads are for you. Jump in the one for the LAN(s) you're interested in, read the recommendations, and post! Oh, and tell others too, it helps ;D

TWO CS:GO LANs & Golden Ticket Pricing!


That's right folks, we're announcing two exciting CS:GO LAN parties!



What's more to say? Except... GOLDEN TICKET PRICING

From NOW till May 24th 8pm 2018 we are offering GOLDEN TICKET PRICING to BOTH of these LAN parties! These are super-duper low ticket prepay prices, and this is only open for a very short period! So get them while you can!

And yes, this is available for both LAN parties, and the offer for both is only until May 24th 8pm 2018!

Want to know more? Just click on the relevant event banner above!

Well that didn't quite work out.

It seems clear to us now that currently, pretty much only CS:GO gamers are those interested in attending our LAN parties.

By now you may have noticed that we only had two tickets prepaid for LANified! 28: Rebound. As such, we have had to cancel the event (LANified! 28: Rebound). Those that prepaid have already been issued a refund. Sorry that it didn't work out, but if not enough people buy tickets, we have no choice.

So what's next?
We are currently planning the next LAN parties. We are aiming for one in the July area, and one in the Sept/Oct area. Both of these will have CS:GO tournaments, as that is what the people want. If you like what we're doing, help us make it event more awesome, spread the word!

We want your feedback.
We are looking for general feedback. If you have attended one of our events in the past please let us know, but if you haven't, we'd like to hear your feedback too. Please post it in this thread: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/LANif ... 573282140/

I have a question.
If you have a question that we haven't answered here, you can reach out to: http://steamcommunity.com/id/BloodyIron/

Are you getting our E-Mails?
We have a bunch of mailing lists that we asked if you wanted to join. However, a lot of people don't seem to be "reading" them, and we suspect it may be falling into your spam filter. If you are interested in our mailing list stuff, please do us a favour and mark us as "not spam". If you are no longer interested in the mailing list stuff, please jump into one of the messages and hit that "unsubscribe" link that comes included. We want to make sure that those who are on the mailing list are genuinely interested, and we don't want to bug those that aren't.

LANified! 27: Cancelled

Fellow Gamers,

It is with much regret that we must cancel LANified! 27: BuyBack. We simply did not get enough prepays for it to work out.

By the time you read this, those that prepaid for the LAN should have received their refund. If you did not get your refund, please contact BloodyIron on STEAM directly ( http://steamcommunity.com/id/BloodyIron/ ).

We did not expect this outcome to happen. We anticipated that DotA 2 would be a lot more popular than this, as we have seen in the past. However, despite 4 months of promotions, and other strong efforts to draw gamers to the event, in the end, not enough tickets sold. As it stands right now, we do not have sufficient confidence in DotA 2 to be worth running tournaments for, due to the lack of interest we have seen.

That being said, we did see a pretty good response to the CS:GO 2v2 Wingman tournament, so we are likely to incorporate that into near-future event designs.

We're sorry that we have to do this, but we really had no choice. We want to thank those that prepaid for the event, as we greatly appreciate your support, and we hope that we can see you at one of our future events.


Uh oh, there's nothing here.

Nobody is currently sponsoring LANified! If you'd like to talk to us about sponsorship oppurtunities, please contact us!