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Mini-Tournament details for November LAN!

Hey Folks,

We're announcing more details for the Mini-Tournaments at our coming November LAN! These will be in addition to our Main Tournaments. Anyone that has a ticket for the LAN will be able to enter into any of the Mini-Tournaments and the Main Tournament!

Overwatch 3v3 "Triple Tank Take-down":

  • Tanks Only (role locking)
  • 3v3
  • Random Team Assignments
  • Double Elimination
  • Sweet Prizing!
CS:GO 3v3 "Rapid Tactics":
  • Demolition Mode
  • 3v3
  • Random Team Assignments
  • Double Eliminatioon
  • Sweet Prizing!
Fortnite FFA "Highscore Dive":
  • All players queue at the same time
  • One life per entrant player
  • Best score (rank/kills) in that one life, wins!
  • Sweet Prizing!

We want these Mini-Tournaments to be a whole lot of fun! But it's not fun without you, so get your ticket today. For full event details, and to get your ticket, click here!

Avorion Server updated


On hey, did you know we run a public Avorion server?

Well, if you did, I'd be surprised! Namely because we were goofs and didn't even post about it on our main site!

Anyways, we updated the server today to v0.18.3, so you can build custom turrets now! Yay!

To join in on all the fun, connect to:

  • avorion.lanified.com

And if you still don't know what we're talking about, check out an earlier review of the game! -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuuX0-6zUNw

See you in the space! :DDD

LANified! 31: Peanutbutter Surprise -> GOLDEN TICKET!

Today we're announcing our next event, LANified! 31: Peanutbutter Surprise!


This 2-day BYOC LAN will run from Noon Nov 24 to 7pm Nov 25, non-stop!

The Main Tournament will be Overwatch 6v6. And we're bringing back the BEST IN CALGARY AWARDS! The first place team will win FABULOUS custom "Best in Calgary" plaques! Oh, and cash too ;) These custom plaques will say the winning team 's name and the team members. Cash is nice, but you can't really put it on your wall and show off!

The Mini-Tournaments will be DOOM (2016) Deathmatch, and CS:GO 3v3 Demolition Mode.

Lastly, GOLDEN TICKET PRICING is on for this event! This will be the LOWEST TICKET PRICE you can get for this event! The GOLDEN TICKET pricing is ONLY available until Sun Sep 16 8pm!

LANified! 30: Cancelled

Hi Folks,

We've had to cancel LANified! 30 due to not enough tickets sold. Those that did buy tickets, have already been refunded.

Sorry about that, but if not enough people buy tickets, we can't help it! :(

Mini-Tourneys + Prepay CLOSES TOMORROW!

We've just added two Mini-Tournaments to the Sept 22+23 LAN party:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: 3v3 Demolition Mode
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: Arms Race

Also, do remember, Prepay for the September LAN is CLOSING TOMORROW! Be sure to GET YOUR TICKET while you still can! Click here to do so.


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